Canton Country Day School’s educational philosophy of Divergent Thinking encourages students to question, think, and become their best selves. Our longstanding commitment to lead the way in innovative elementary education, and our flexible learning environment enables us to pilot or introduce proven new teaching and assessment techniques. Here students are taught by educators who share a commitment to students and to the pursuit of academic excellence and awareness of personal talent.

The Importance of Intimate Learning Environments

Classes at Canton Country day are intimate learning environments where teachers are closely connected to their students. Small class sizes allow teachers to understand how each child learns and what interests and motivates each individual. Our teachers emphasize creating the right conditions to think and question the material, for better absorption of it, rather than just getting through it. We want our students to participate and experience the joy of growing in secure, friendly surroundings. This way every student succeeds.

Integrated Curriculum

Our teachers want our students to understand that in school, as in life, there exists more than one way to communicate your ideas. Our learning program is built on many proven methods, including an integrated curriculum. For example, students studying Native American topic in history may also create Native American sculptures in art class, learn dances in creative movement, and read related poetry in writing class. The goal is to help children question and understand rather than just memorize facts, and along the way, find natural talents that may have otherwise been overlooked in a standardized setting. The result is multidimensional learning that will prove even more valuable as students grow older.


One of the channels of communication that cannot be ignored in the 21st Century is technology. CCDS provides ample access to technology in a variety of modalities. Middle and Intermediate school students are part of our 1:1 laptop program. All students enjoy the resources of a technology center with video, music, and robotics technology equipment and software, two fully equipped computer labs, classroom smart boards, and the services of a full time Technology Director. At the Intermediate and Middle School levels, our students collaborate online for projects, even for homework. All teachers are equipped with laptop computers to improve their access to knowledge and assure their familiarity with the latest technologies. Wireless access is available in all areas of the campus. The school’s network has a dedicated, high speed, fiber optic connection to the Internet. CCDS has an extensive technology curriculum.

A Safe Environment

Our faculty and staff are committed to the safety and personal development of every child. Because we are a small community, we are able to pay close attention to each student and identify when a child is challenged with issues either academically or personally. We strive to make the school environment open and supportive so that students feel they can approach their teachers with any issues for which they may have a concern. As children in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 begin to face rapid changes in their lives, our core teachers meet with them in advisory groups to support good personal, social, and academic decision-making.

Proven Excellence in a Nurturing Environment

Canton Country Day School remains true to its goal of expanding every child’s potential. Graduates have utilized the academic, social, and emotional skills developed during their years at Canton Country Day School to achieve outstanding academic, professional, athletic, and leadership goals. At Canton Country Day School, “A Good Beginning Never Ends.”