artMany aspects of the arts curriculum are designed to correlate with classroom studies, which provides the creative dimension to the academic classroom environment.

Beginning in the elementary grades, the arts curriculum provides a basic foundation of the concepts and skills in the visual arts, music, drama, and creative movement. As students progress to middle school, the approach to the arts is broadened. Students participate in several arts classes throughout the year, including the Musical, Jazz Band, Choreography, Filmmaking, Digital Photography, and Sculpture.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
–Albert Einstein


Increases students’ awareness to the wide spectrum of visual arts, including creative self-expression; developing skill and manipulating media techniques and processes, understanding the arts in relation to history and culture, and recognize the characteristics and merits of one’s own artwork and those of others.


Through Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly methods, children learn the elements of music: rhythm, melody, expression, tone color, style, harmony, and form. Experiences include singing, listening, playing instruments, moving to music, reading, and improvising. Children demonstrate these music skills at performances.


Drama provides students with an appreciation of dramatic performances and an understanding of theater. Students begin to develop an awareness of emotions necessary to convey moods and feelings. They also develop the ability to apply movement and energy to a stage role.


Children love to move and learn through the use of the whole self. They need to become familiar with the language of dance in order to use their bodies in a way to express themselves, communicate and in relation to others. Creating dances and movement provide them with the skills they will need to learn dance in the future and give each child a way to celebrate their humanity.

Highlights of the Fine Arts Program
  • Art Show
  • Band and Choir Concert
  • Music and Movement performance, based on children’s literature (PK-2)
  • 3rd Grade Native American program
  • 4th Grade Regions & Robotics program
  • Middle School Musical
  • Field trips to museums, symphony concerts, and dance performances