Common Questions

Listed below are common questions often presented during prospective family inquires and visits. Please contact our Director of Admission for additional information or to address questions not listed below.

What ages and grade levels does Canton Country Day School serve?

We offer an enriched, coeducational, day school enviroment for children ages 3 (preschool) through grade 8.

If we apply, will your family be obligated to enroll?

No. Your application is a request to work with the school toward an enrollment decision. An application does not guarantee an offer of admission by the school, nor does it require that you enroll if an offer of admission is made.

How long will our application remain active?

Applications for children interested in preschool will remain active for the year of proposed enrollment plus the next school year. Applications for students entering kindergarten or higher will expire two years after date of filing if no further steps toward admission have been taken by the family.

Why is an application needed and how is it used?

Your application tells the school that you have visited the campus and think that Canton Country Day School may be a good place for your child to learn and grow. Your application begins the formal admission process. For more specific information on the admission process, please review the process and events category.