Why Choose Us

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Educational Philosophy

CCDS model of education is not that of a manufacturer in the education business, but rather as a cultivator of human talent. We can thank our founders for that, who fifty years ago wanted their children to experience an innovative elementary-middle school education in an environment that valued real world diversity and encouraged students who think for the future.

The CCDS model centers around Divergent Thinking, which, unlike standardized education which offer students a question with one prescribed answer, encourages students to first examine all interpretations of the question, then all possible answers to the question. Divergent Thinking is the basis for creative thinking. The tools and methodologies, such as STEAM, we provide to assist our students in achieving their interpretations and answers are tactics in this overall model.

In this age of uncertainty, where 21st Century Education can hardly be defined because the 21st Century changes daily, this model prepares students for our future economy. By enrolling your children at CCDS, you are giving them the opportunity to think. Our committed teachers, through personalized learning tactics, work with your children to uncover their talents and nurture them, helping them find their authentic self.


By creating the right conditions for these students to think and flourish without constant encouragement, you will see the following manifest in your children:

  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Respect for others and their ideas
  • A feeling of safety where ideas can be shared without ridicule
  • A sense of wonder
  • Creativity
  • A recognition of the right to use their imagination
  • A sense of responsibility their peers and the world
  • The ability to make choices and back their decisions
  • The recognition that in life more than one channel exists to represent their ideas
  • A knowledge of authentic self that forms the foundation their character

The Impact

It’s no mystery why our students are, time and again, year after year, achieving top titles in National and International Virtual Science Fair, History Fair, Power of the Pen, Math Counts and more. It’s no mystery why our graduates are often in the top 10 percent of their graduating class in high school. Our students graduate with research and high-level public speaking skills. They remain committed to community service. They have the confidence to look you in the eye and start an intellectual conversation. When you introduce the divergent way of thinking at the earliest time, it becomes natural to them. You’ve created a thinker.

Your Children’s Day

At CCDS, children feel safe to try new skills, explore their abilities and represent their ideas and feelings through drama, music, art, and movement guided by our unique educational philosophy in an environment that aligns education with the child’s natural talent. Through science, math and language arts, children begin working together and problem solving with their peers – a model of collaboration – A children’s brain trust that starts at CCDS. Here are some of the unique features your children will experience at our independent school:

  • A commitment to a full arts program that offers all students the opportunity to learn music, visual arts, dance, and drama, all year long, every year
  • A Physical Education program, intramural programs, and sports teams with no-cut policies
  • A PK-8 curriculum that is integrated, multi-disciplinary, and hands-on
  • A diverse student body that reflects the real world our children live in
  • A foreign language program that begins in Kindergarten
  • A character education program reinforced by advisories, homerooms, buddy activities, gender-specific talks, and a community service program that includes all students
  • A community of caring teachers and staff who spend extra time with your children in an intimate learning environment structured to maximize individual potential and to ensure student success.

We are Family

An important distinguishing characteristic of a CCDS education is the partnership we invite our parents to have with our school. At CCDS we encourage a partnership that goes beyond a contractual agreement. We care about your children, we look out for them, and we help them fulfill their potential. We are committed to a meaningful relationship with our parents as we work together for each student’s academic and social success.

Founding Principles

Canton Country Day School, Stark County’s only PK-8 non-sectarian independent school, was founded over fifty years ago to glean the best ideas from current educational research, to pilot and adapt those ideas, and then share what we learn with the local education community to advance the educational experience for all Ohio’s students.


CCDS has a long history of innovation and impact on the regional and national educational scene. We piloted the University of Chicago’s Everyday Math curriculum when it was first developed many years ago. We were one of a few schools to first embrace the Virtual Science Fair. We were the only PK-8 school among the five schools chosen by the National Association of Independent Schools to pilot the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test now widely used by many schools. We started a robotics team, trained coaches from the local schools, hosted tournaments, and increased the number of teams and local students who currently benefit from a robotics approach. A recent pilot tactic, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum, is integrated into the daily classroom with our one-of-a-kind elementary-middle school laptop program and technology center. Many of you have now seen this program implemented in other area schools as well.